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Behaviour Change


Waste & Plastics

Sustainable Events

Behaviour Change

1. Behaviour change for eco changemakers

Discover why people don’t take eco-action, even when they want to – and harness tools and insights to change that!

2. Understand your audiences for change

When you know exactly who you’re speaking to, and what motivates them, you can inspire them to take action. This workshop shows you how.

3. Develop a behaviour change initiative

Follow a proven 4-step process based on behavioural science to design an intervention for your audience.

4. Create behaviour change with your communications

Reach outside of the eco-echo chamber and make change happen!

Behaviour change theory for ethical businesses

Take your ethical product mainstream and attract more customers.

Behaviour change theory for event organisers

Use behaviour change principles at your events to make them more sustainable.

Behaviour Change for Waste Reduction in the Workplace

Learn how behaviour change principles can reframe your approach to waste and recycling.

Behaviour Change for Low Carbon Travel in the Workplace

Learn how behaviour change principles can reframe your approach to low carbon transport campaigns.


Create a Sustainability Policy

Sustainability policies don’t have to be boring! Create an actionable policy that really makes a difference.

Waste & Plastics

Waste 101

Lift the (bin) lid on what waste terminology really means and how to manage your waste and recycling to reduce impacts.

Sustainable Events

Behaviour change for event organisers

Learn how to really motivate your guests to be more eco-friendly, with proven behaviour change principles.

Adopt a sustainable events mindset

All the tips and tools you need to deliver sustainable events without an environmental degree

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