Behaviour change for ethical businesses

Engage people outside the echo-chamber and inspire action for your cause!

As an ethical business owner, you sell a product that has a positive impact on the planet every time someone purchases.

If only more people knew about it, you could help them make an eco-friendly swap that would be great for the environment, and their well-being too.

But you’re a small business, without the huge marketing budget to go up against corporate greenwashers.

Standing out from the crowd can be hard, and when you’re only talking to the environmental echo-chamber, you’re not creating widespread change (or making the number of sales you need).

Understanding Behaviour Change principles can help you:

  • Reach a wider audience outside of your environmental echo-chamber
  • Inspire more people to buy and use your products
  • Stand out from the crowd of competitors and greenwashers – even if they have got bigger ads budgets
  • Convert more customers
  • Create the widespread change you long to see

This workshop will show you how behaviour change principles can transform the way you communicate about your products!

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Free places are available to campaigners from marginalised communities so get in contact!

That was a cracking session – learned so much about how we perceive things and coming from a different angle such as positives can create a better mindset!

Mi Apparel

Who am I to be facilitating this session?

I have experience marketing and producing ethical upcycled products in a previous career, so I understand the commitment and passion that goes into an ethical business.

From my research and study of behaviour change I also understand that for many customers, the ethics of a product are not enough, and products developed in order to solve an environmental problem can often overlook some key human behavioural realities, mainly that our choices and decisions are not always based on rational and economic thought.

I am committed to shaking up the sustainability narrative to reach a wider audience and for ethical businesses to have wider reach and impact

Want something more bespoke?

I can facilitate a workshop for your team to address behaviour change.
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