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The her-story of a
sustainable sidekick

Hello! I’m Livvy – and it’s my mission to help changemakers like YOU to have more impact.

I’m a behaviour change expert and sustainability consultant. As your Sustainable Sidekick, I can help YOU break free from the green echo chamber and unlock all the benefits of being more sustainable in your professional world.

Have YOU recently had an eco epiphany and want to inspire other people too?

Or perhaps YOU have been championing sustainability for years and feel you need a new edge to make more impact?

As a changemaker, YOU know that if you could inspire others with your vision, and encourage them to take action, WE could change the trajectory for runaway climate and ecological chaos.

But it can feel overwhelming with so many areas that need changing, and frustrating with so many hearts and minds to change.

You can feel hopeless, full of eco-anxiety, and demoralised.

I know exactly how YOU feel…

Pre-sustainability I had had a varied career in sales, marketing, and supporting a small reuse business. Then, when I was working in the events industry, I had my environmental epiphany.

I was at a festival in Far North Queensland watching a full solar eclipse after seeing the Great Barrier Reef. I suddenly had this overwhelming sense that I could be using all my energy and enthusiasm to support Mother Nature – as after all she is incredible.

Initially, I thought I should quit events and head to save the Rainforest. But when I realised I knew nothing about rainforests, I decided to start in my own backyard, the events industry, which was really wasteful.

Back in the UK, I saw the issues of food waste and plastic pollution everywhere, so I committed to tackling these too.

In 2014, I spent an amazing summer training in sustainable event management and using my skills to support food waste and plastics charities to deliver events.

By 2015 I was working part-time for the Greenest UK festival, Shambala; the food waste charity FareShare SouthWest and delivering the launch of the Refill campaign with fledgling plastics campaigning organisation City to Sea.

In my personal life I had given up flying, a car, switched to a vegan diet and gone single-use plastic-free to understand what the barriers and issues were going to be for other people to achieve lasting behaviour change.

It perplexed me as to why environmental campaigning organisations had not managed to inspire MORE people to take action, and why environmental action was stuck in an eco echo chamber.

And then I discovered behavioural science and found my answer…

Us humans are motivated by impulses, shortcuts, the feel-good factor, what other people think and the infrastructure around us… and very little rational thought. Sorry Descartes.

Knowing how we think, feel and why we do the things we do, is the key to motivating people to really change their behaviour. And this is what I do!

I use my knowledge, experience and network of expert sidekicks to help changemakers like you.

I am supported by professional:

  • Researchers
  • Energy and net-zero experts
  • Waste managers
  • Designers and copywriters

The Sustainable Sidekicks´s Sidekicks!

Catering Sidekick

Kat Emmett uses her 20 years of catering experience to support the hospitality industry in reducing its social and environmental impacts in terms of:

  • Energy and carbon reduction
  • Improved waste management
  • Procurement advice and support

Research Sidekick

Kathryn Rathouse has over 20 years of experience:

  • Researching the barriers and motivations to environmental change
  • Developing and evaluating behaviour change initiatives
  • Consulting and advising other projects

Waste Sidekick

Emily Woodger-Smith is passionate about waste reduction and applies her 9 years of working in waste management for:

  • Waste audits
  • Guidance and training on recycling and waste management best practice
  • Communicating solutions to individuals

Change Management Sidekick

Jo Twiselton is a consultant and coach, specialising in sustainable organisation change and helping leaders and teams to:

  • Keep the focus on people – not processes or systems – to meet change goals
  • Reduce the disruption and costs related to change while building resilience and wellbeing along the way
  • Help to make change and uncertainty easier for everyone involved

Net-zero Sidekick

Simon Pyne has a wealth of energy efficiency and carbon reduction experience that he applies to:

  • Carbon footprinting organisations
  • Identifying reduction opportunities
  • Creating Net zero strategies

Communications Strategy Sidekick

Sian Conway-Wood has channeled her communications strategy experience into supporting purpose-driven brands be more impactful through:

  • Communications strategy
  • Campaign development
  • Internal communications
  • Crisis PR and reputation management
  • Training and coaching

Marketing and Design Sidekick

Davey McConnell and Daphnah Jitschak are a dynamic creative duo delivering low carbon marketing and design support including:

  • Digital documents
  • Online and social content
  • Website management and updates
  • Digital detox and decluttering solutions
  • Virtual assistance

Support Sidekick

Rosie Dixon has spent a decade working in Marine Conservation and education. She provides remote assistance to projects keeping everything ticking along and everyone engaged.

The revenue I generate helps to directly impact my CEO, Mother Nature. 10% of all course revenue goes to grassroots organisations who are protecting biodiversity, endangered species and supporting people who are on the frontline of climate chaos.

My rainforest dream has taken a twist, and the plan is to buy degenerated farm land for rewilding, as it’s one of the most powerful things that can be done to sequester carbon.

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