Understanding your audiences’ behaviours

How can you change behaviours if you haven’t walked in your audiences’ shoes?

When you’re trying to change people’s behaviours and habits, it can be frustrating…

You’ve put time and energy into your message, and you want to inspire action!

Do you understand how and why your audience makes their ‘unethical choices?’

Have you walked in their shoes to understand where the opportunities for change are?

Understanding Audiences’ Behaviours can help you:

  • Get into the mindset of your existing and ideal audiences
  • Map out their day-to-day lives to understand what leads to their choices, habits and behaviours
  • Identify opportunities for communication, engagement and behaviour change
  • Use these principles to increase your audience base
  • Develop effective campaigns for different audiences

Which will help you become a more effective communicator for change, so you can help more people shift their habits, make sustainable choices and become more planet friendly!

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Segmenting people types was really interesting, so I’d like to look at that again. Thanks Livvy

Myfanwy Millward, Ethical Copywriter

Thanks Livvy, the idea of understanding the meanings tied up with materials is an interesting one as is the empathy mapping

Heather Davies, Communications Consultant

Great stuff Livvy! The stuff at the beginning about the 7 different behaviour groups was really interesting

Rory Brown, Green Pixie

Who am I to be facilitating this session?

I have studied behaviour change at the University of West of England and have a successful track record of applying these principles to award-winning campaigns, including Shambala Festival – addressing waste, recycling and left tent challenges, and City to Sea – Single-use plastic reduction campaigns including Refill, Plastic-free Periods. As well as facilitating workshops for a range of organisations from councils to construction companies who are looking to drive change with their stakeholders.

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