Behaviour change for environmental changemakers

Engage people outside the echo-chamber and inspire action for your cause!

As an environmental campaigner, you’re passionate about your cause, and you know that you need other people to buy-in, share your passion and take action.

But inspiring that kind of change can be hard…

If you overwhelm people with stats, facts and consequences, they bury their head in the sand – because the truth can be scary.

And trying to get your message out past the echo-chamber is essential – but non-environmentalists don’t seem to care, and it can be hard to reach them.

Understanding Behaviour Change principles can help you:

  • Inspire others to take action
  • Communicate your message with confidence
  • Reach people outside your echo chamber
  • Create and run inspiring campaigns that lead to meaningful, widespread change

This workshop will show you how behaviour change principles can transform your campaigns and increase your impact!

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Free places are available to campaigners from marginalised communities so get in contact!

Aha moments: the importance of positive messages and encouraging right behaviours by reducing friction.”

Greg Cooper, Front of Mind Coaching

I think it’s been really interesting to get the reminder that other people won’t be persuaded by thinking ‘I need to do this for the planet’ and to relate it to their benefits.

Kathryn Cook, Change Communications Manager, LSBU

It was a great presentation. I liked the presentation of the theories backed up with concrete examples relevant to sustainability. With so much content, I’ll definitely be going back through the slides to answer the questions you asked

Heather Davies, Communications Consultant

Who am I to be facilitating this session?

I have studied behaviour change at the University of West of England and have a successful track record of applying these principles to award-winning campaigns, including Shambala Festival – addressing waste, recycling and left tent challenges, and City to Sea – Single-use plastic reduction campaigns including Refill, Plastic-free Periods. As well as providing training for Devon Council Reuse Team and the Bristol Reuse Network.

Want something more bespoke?

I can facilitate a workshop for your team to address behaviour change.
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