Sustainable event services

Whether you are an event organisation looking for support or an events body looking to upskill and empower your network, we can support you.

Avoid sustainable event overwhelm and confusion?

When getting started it can feel overwhelming, not knowing what impact area to focus on and often wanting to do them all. 

Often staff and contractors can interpret sustainable events in different ways and you can find confusion. 

There are a number of tools and approaches that can address this so your team and contractors get focused and stay on track

Where to begin

Doing a prioritisation exercise identifying what impact areas are 1. Most important, 2 you have most control over will help to focus what are the low-hanging fruit and areas that you can have most impact in.

How I can help

With over 8 years of delivering sustainable event support and auditing services, the Sustainable Sidekicks exist to support committed event managers to drive change in their events and organisations. Book a discovery call to discuss:

Bespoke support

  • Develop your sustainable event policy and action plan 
  • Deliver sustainable events and behaviour change to your team 
  • Advice on where you can have impact and reduce impacts 
  • Audit your event and understanding your carbon and environmental impact

“I programmed an online workshop with Livvy in 2022 and it was so successful that we programmed two longer, in person sessions in 2023. Livvy also produced two brilliant checklists to support community event producers in Cornwall to make their events as sustainable as possible.”

Bethany Lyne, Cornwall 365 Director

Who am I to be your Sustainable Sidekick?

My journey into sustainability and behaviour change began working in events.

I was working on large scale events in Australia when I had my ‘a-ha moment’ to take action for mother nature. I initially thought I would go to save the rainforest but realised that the events industry was unbelievably wasteful and I should start in my own backyard.

I went on train in sustainable event delivery and started working with Shambala – one of the greenest festivals in Europe.

I have helped large scale events:

  • Train their teams in sustainable event delivery
  • Audit and report on their impacts
  • Deliver behaviour change initiatives
  • Identify ways to reduce their waste

Whilst working at Shambala, I did a session with a behaviour change consultant and the penny dropped in how to achieve change without having to get everyone to become eco warriors or worriers!

Now I am on a mission to share my learnings and engage people beyond the green echo chamber and help event organisers like you deliver low impact events!