Sustainable Action Planning and Prioritisation

When getting started with an environmental policy or action plan people often get overwhelmed by all the actions they can take, or get fixated on all the things that they can’t do e.g. afford solar panels or use public transport or bicycles. 

The Sustainable Sidekicks deliver policy and action plan training that addresses these mindset challenges using some simple tools that allow people to come away with a focus on what they can do. 

Creative Kernow have commissioned sustainability training for Cornish venues, events and festivals in 2023 and 2024, as well as guides to complement the sessions.

During these sessions, the participants hear about the actions other industry organisations are taking to reduce their impacts, as well as hearing from peers within the session. Following this they are invited to write down actions they can take on their own action plan.

Clarity and direction for organsiational action 

Creative Kernow’s Project Director, Bethany Lyne has participated in the workshops and shared how they have helped their organisation to get clear on their actions: 

  • Unlike other training which left her feeling depressed due to the focus on the enormity of the climate crisis problem and its complexity, she felt motivated and empowered to take action 
  • She used the prioritisation exercise to focus their team on their purchasing actions and impacts for 2023
  • She was able to let go of a focus on travel and transport as it’s so tricky in rural Cornwall

Livvy’s training focuses on the things you have control over and breaking it down into actions that feel empowering.

The prioritisation exercise

  1. List out all the impacts or actions 
  1. Rate each one on a scale of 1 (Low) – 5 (High) in terms of: 
  • Importance of the issue-action for the organisation – one number 
  • Amount of control the team/ organisation has over it – another number
  1. Add up the scores and organise from low to high. 

The items with the biggest number are the items you take action on first and the ones with the lowest are the ones you put to the end of the list. 

Supporting businesses to take action  

If you are supporting businesses that need to develop their sustainability action plans or policies and you would like them to feel empowered and focused rather than overwhelmed and confused, get in touch to discuss a training session.