New Cards Demo


New Card Blocks

You can now use cards as blocks to create page layouts rather than the fixed templates, this allows for more flexible designs.

Some things to note:

To change a page such as the Services page you will need to change the page template type first of all, this should be set to ‘Default template’. Templates are changed under the settings tabs.

When adding new cards they stack vertically, see below, however when the page is published it will dynamically determine the best way to stack the cards based on the page size.

Cards should be added inside a ‘Card Holder’ block, in the same way that text is added with the gutters block, this block does the work to align the cards correctly.

In this set up I have added a pink swish block, then inside a text with gutters block and then underneath a card holder block. You could put the card holder block inside the text with gutters block, but this will make it smaller.

Page name

Other Page

Third Page

Pink blocks

Some text


Example of a breadcrumb menu:

You can just create the menu by hand for each page then copy and paste as appropriate, you could try to make a reusable block, but I don’t think that would be any faster. To create the menu just add a normal paragraph block, type out of the words separated as below, or use > or | something else if you prefer. For the links, for home just / is all that is required. For the others you can type page names in as usual or just copy and paste the links from your browser. For the last part you can leave it as it is or add a # link to go back to the top.

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