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You know that with the right levers you can have greater impact with your clients

Working for yourself means you can embed your values in your work

But it’s frustrating when the people paying your bills don’t share your hunger for change.

You can see how they could make changes that will make them more profitable, resilient and sustainable

But however hard you try, you can’t convince them to invest.

If you’re ready to incorporate sustainability into your client offer, and feel like you need some further tools to persuade your clients to take action, we need to talk about behavioural science!

Get your own house in order first

Start your clients’ sustainability journey

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Who am I to be your Sustainable Sidekick?

Like you, I am a freelance consultant because I want to pave an authentic path, so when clients lack sustainability values or ambitions it can be difficult …which is why I set up the Sustainable Sidekicks….

I’m Livvy, a behaviour change and sustainability consultant on a mission to engage people beyond the green echo chamber and help consultants and freelancers like you achieve your goals!

Since, I started applying principles from behavioural science, I feel my toolbox is full of useful resources, to engage people who think and are motivated differently to me. And I want to share these resources with you

I have attended several Sustainability Sidekick courses over the last year and have found them all incredibly insightful and pertinent to my consultancy. I have applied them to all shapes and sizes of businesses, from small independent cafes to national companies with over 100 sites.

They are presented in a great format, making them accessible to anyone who is starting out in sustainability but also detailed enough to provide seasoned sustainability professionals with invaluable information.

The two courses I have particularly found myself coming back to and referencing on a weekly basis have been the ‘creating a sustainability policy’ and the ‘behavioural change’ workshops.

Kat Emmett – Kemmett Consulting