Sustainability/Net Zero Lead

You have your sustainability goals and targets to achieve within your organisation, now you need to bring the workforce along with you and find ways to engage those who don’t share your motivations or drivers

Did you know?

Humans are wired for short-term and immediate threats so Net-zero 2030 or 2050 goals are hard to motivate people.

The brain needs feedback loops to know that actions are making a difference to carry them on.

Many people recycle because their neighbours do it ( the social norm), not for pro-environmental values.

Why fear doesn’t drive change

It can be tempting to use fear and scaremongering approaches as this may have initially motivated us to the cause- however evidence shows that this leaves people feeling xx xxx

Behavioural science provides different perspectives on pro-environmental challenges. 

Behavioural science identifies the barriers and drivers to pro-environmental behaviours in regards to these categories: 

  • Cognitive – the psychological factors from our evolutionary instincts and mental shortcuts that we use to navigate the world
  • Social – the influences from the people around us
  • Infrastructure – how the systems, materials and objects dictate our choices in different situations 

By taking a behavioural science approach you will have greater angles and approaches to engage the stakeholders in your workforce.

How we can help

The Sustainable Sidekicks exist to support changemakers by equipping them with behaviour change tools and insights.

Bespoke services 

  • Behaviour change training workshops – delivered for your team or network we can create a bespoke workshop that addresses your key impact areas
  • Research services – we will gather valuable insights from your stakeholders through surveys and interviews and literature reviews on your focus area
  • Mentoring support – get expert insights and feedback on how and where to improve your campaign with a behavioural science lens

On-demand training courses

Who am I?

I’m Livvy, a behaviour change and sustainability consultant on a mission to engage people beyond the green echo chamber and help changemakers, like you, create real impact!

Since getting involved with sustainability consultancy and environmental campaigning, it became clear to me that knowledge and education was not enough to deliver change and that there were other factors at play.

Applying the principles of behavioural science to plastics, waste and carbon reduction campaigns has opened up so many more ways to understand the challenges we face and to achieve change with much wider audiences.