Bespoke Behaviour Change Team Training

Train your team up to go beyond awareness raising and drive change within your organisation or campaigns

As an organisation are you tasked with developing campaigns or communications for:

  • Climate action
  • Active travel
  • Waste reduction or better recycling

Do you have behaviour change targets that reach outside of the engaged environmental minority?

The knowledge-action gap tells us that information alone does not change behaviour. How many environmentally aware and conscious people do you know who still engage in high-carbon activities?

Behavioural science will enable your team to approach change in a completely new way considering:

  • The barriers and motivations for different target audiences
  • How to activate change in people who are not environmentally motivated
  • To reduce the friction to change 
  • Communicate with a wider range of messages to appeal to more stakeholders 

So that your organisation can meet your targets and drive change.

“We really got a lot out of the workshop. Recently I went through a set of our letters that we send out regularly and applied the behaviour change principles we learnt to improve them, and these are now going to flats across the City”

Kathy Tate (she/her)
Bristol Waste Innovation & Sustainability

A bespoke interactive behaviour change workshop for your team

Whether the training is online or in-person, the topics and content covered can include: 

  • Behaviour change theories and schools of thought
  • Methods for segmenting and better understanding your audience’s behaviour 
  • Understanding the barriers to action through a behavioural lens
  • Ideating on potential solutions 
  • Developing a communications campaign

Topics include but are not limited to:

Waste and resource management

Energy and Net-Zero

Transport and travel

Nature connection



Let’s drive behaviour change

1-day workshop

  • 6-7 hour session including lunch and breaks
  • Bespoke content based on your teams needs
  • Interactive throughout applying concepts to your impact areas 

Corporate costs
£2,400 – £3,000 

SME costs
£1,900 – £2,400

Non profit costs
£1,500 – £1,900

PLUS travel.

½ day workshop

  • 3-4 hours
  • Bespoke content based on your teams needs
  • Interactive throughout applying concepts to your impact areas

Corporate costs
£1,800 – £2,400 

SME costs
£1,400 – £1,800

Non profit costs
£1,300 -1,500

PLUS travel.

Online sessions

  • 1.5-2 hours up to 3-4 hours 
  • 2 x 1.5-2 hour sessions can be run on consecutive days or weeks to allow more time to go into as much depth as a face-to-face session. 
  • Interactive throughout using online whiteboards

Corporate costs
£750 – £1,500

SME costs
£650 – £950

Non profit costs
£550 – 850

“The workshop gave the team the chance to delve deeper into the layers and background to behaviour change, moving beyond awareness raising and knowledge-sharing.”

Alex Walker, Head of Communications, West Midland Combined Authority

Who am I?

I’m Livvy, a behaviour change and sustainability consultant on a mission to engage people beyond the green echo chamber and help changemakers, like you, create real impact!

Since getting involved with sustainability consultancy and environmental campaigning, it became clear to me that knowledge and education was not enough to deliver change and that there were other factors at play.

Applying the principles of behavioural science to plastics, waste and carbon reduction campaigns has opened up so many more ways to understand the challenges we face and to achieve change with much wider audiences.

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