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Improving internal communications:

I have been sharing the idea of social contagion and making eco choices easier/the default option among my organisation’s internal climate group. We are sharing more climate information on the internal message boards.”

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With so much time spent creating policies, gathering data and writing reports, it can be hard to have the headspace to dedicate to driving change real, impactful change?

And it´s frustrating when people don’t seem to care or respond to our communications and campaigns in the way we expect

Lead Sidekick Livvy Drake has been working with the principles of behaviour change since 2015 when she started working on waste and plastics campaigns.

As a Sustainability practitioner, she identified that fellow sustainability leads and environmentalists were limiting the impact of their work by falling into the traps of assuming awareness raising was enough to drive change, or communicating their own values and drivers and being frustrated when others didn’t respond like they did.

Since 2018 Livvy has been delivering online and face-to-face behaviour change training. Plus providing support for environmental campaigns and in-house staff engagement programmes.   

Clients include: Arla Foods, Bachy Solentache, Chartered Institute of Waste Managers, IEMA, Bristol Council, Bristol Waste

Achieving cost-saving energy reduction with ops teams:

 “Loss aversion has been a winner with getting ops involved in reducing energy use in restaurants – it’s all about the money!” 

Kat Emmett, Energy Consultant

It’s finally time to achieve the buy-in you need from everyone in your organisation, so you can achieve your targets and drive real change.