You have a solution for people and planet, how can you ensure your pilot and launch have the most impact?

By undertaking research on your impact area and audiences you can understand:

  • The barriers to action or adoption 
  • The drivers and motivators to change 
  • What earlier research has uncovered
  • Ways to frame and communicate your solution
  • What learnings you can gather from your pilot

How I can help

  • Research services – we will gather valuable insights from your stakeholders through surveys and interviews and literature reviews on your focus area, plus analyse the insights from your pilot
  • Mentoring support – get expert insights and feedback on how and where to improve your campaign with a behavioural science lens 
  • Communciations advice – We can provide recommendations on how to communicate about your project and products based on the insights

Who am I

I’m Livvy, a behaviour change and sustainability consultant on a mission to engage people beyond the green echo chamber and help changemakers, like you, create real impact!

Since studying and researching sustainability behaviour change campaigns it has become clear that often the interventions that motivate environmentalists are very different to other segments of the population. 

This is why I advocate research at the beginning of any project to better understand the barriers and motivators to change.  

I am supported by experienced researchers.