Engaging internal and external stakeholders in action

My client, Tuath Housing, are committed to delivering change for people and planet. Initially a Behaviour Change training session was booked for their Green Team. But invites were soon extended to the wider team who are working with residents on challenges like waste and recycling. 

At Christmas, the whole team had made behaviour change pledges, so building on these, webinar attendees were invited to think about this behaviour and throughout the session consider: 

Were the insights shared the barriers to them progressing? 


What measures could they adopt to deliver change?

To personalise the session, examples were given of people within the organisation who had changed their behaviour including how they had overcome challenges or the benefits they were experiencing. 

The session provided behaviour change examples for: 

As ever, waste was a hot topic, both for contamination in office bins and the challenges that people in flats faced recycling in a confined space with a lack of infrastructure. 

To complete the session, people were asked to commit to one action they would trial for the next couple of weeks – using the principles of public commitment, accountability and trials to see what behaviours would change within the organisation. 

‘Livvy delivered an excellent presentation recently to Tuath staff on the specifics around why there remains a gap to action when it comes to adopting more sustainable behaviours. As a result of the session, we gained a greater understanding of behaviour change theory and have an insightful framework to utilise when implementing new sustainability initiatives across our operations. I highly recommend this session with Livvy.’

Jennifer Whitty, Tuath Housing.

If you are a social housing provider and would like to engage your internal or external staff in pro-environmental behaviours. We offer short lunch and learn sessions as well as full day deep dives in practically applying behaviour science to support your team in delivering change.