Co-creating campaigns across the West of England

As part of their commitment to delivering cross-cutting impactful campaigns with all Local Authority partners, the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority booked a full day behaviour change training session. This was attended by communications and sustainability officers from across Combined and Local Authorities to bring a wealth of minds and points of view to the table to develop campaigns around energy, travel and nature.

The morning session was all about understanding core behaviour change principles:

Designing solutions that are Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely – using the EAST model and EAST initiatives to develop their intervention ideas.

The afternoon was focused on communications, and rather than the ‘post-lunch slump’ the room was buzzing with animated teams developing their content using two core models:


The attendees went away with an understanding of behaviour change principles and how to apply them in a local authority setting, clear audience personas to target, and campaign ideas to develop further.

The attendees also shared what they would like to take forward from the day, including:

“I learnt so much – and look forwards to digesting and reflecting back on all the tools and techniques you imparted to us. It was the highlight of my week, and left me wanting more.
Your pace and positivity were really inspiring, and I believe this led to invaluable discussions on the tables. Not just regarding each group’s outputs, but the outcome of our region’s Local Authorities and comms/climate/nature/policy officers uniting; and wanting to unite again in codesigning and collaborating on regional climate and nature messaging.”

Kieran Highman,
Senior Environment Manager