Behaviour change approach

Wondering how to approach behaviour change in your work?

The Sustainable Sidekicks use the most appropriate behavioural science for a project drawing from ISM, Social Marketing, Behavioural economics, COM-B and Social Practice Theory.

Our approach to understanding behaviours and developing initiatives is to:

  • a) Decluster the behaviours to understand the differences e.g. recycling in a flat or a house
  • b) Segment stakeholders and target audiences   
  • c) Conduct research including literature reviews
  • d) Identify the barriers to change
  • e) Make recommendations to overcome the barriers
  • f) Suggest a communication approach
  • g) Test and iterate

Do you want to achieve behaviour change for the environment?

Behaviour change services

We can support you achieve your behaviour change ambitions and targets through:

Behaviour change training workshops – Delivered for your team or network we can create a bespoke workshop that addresses your key impact areas

Research services – We will gather valuable insights from your stakeholders through surveys and interviews and literature reviews on your focus area

Mentoring support – Get expert insights and feedback on how and where to improve your campaign with a behavioural science lens