Levelling up climate injustices

By Livvy Drake

For the last few weeks, I was working on a series of workshops around homelessness and climate action with organisations in the sector.

I read about some great projects in Bosnia Herzegovenia and Armenia, by Habit For Humanity and USAID, where social housing buildings had been retrofitted for energy efficiency and it had inspired municipalities to continue the work.

One of the key things that came across through my research and interactions was the climate injustice for people who have not enjoyed the benefits of a high-carbon lifestyle.

So the many environmental narratives around energy saving and lifestyle change are inappropriate- these are people who already have extra jumpers on and are not putting the heating on.

However, the focus on energy efficiency has a co-benefit for people and planet. This highlighted to me a way that environmental sector narratives for climate action can be widened to communicate how these can address social injustices.

Habitat for Humanity International talk about the benefits of retrofitting:

Europe’s renovation wave has a target of retrofitting the 15% of most inefficient buildings by 2033.

“Its focus on the worst performing buildings prioritises the most cost-effective renovations and helps fight energy poverty,” said EU climate chief Frans Timmermans

Where else can we in ‘the eco echo chamber’ start talking about addressing social and climate injustices to change the narrative and join the dots between social and environmental projects and campaigns?

Or where is it already being done well?

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