Changing the layout & sequence for behaviour change

By Livvy Drake

What do you notice about this menu (carta), apart from it being in Spanish…..

The Vegano options are ahead of the vegetariano and meat and fish options…


This is a recognised behavioural science technique for changing behaviours without taking away choice, simply changing the ordering.

By changing the defaults, the layout and the sequencing of items, foods and materials we can drive pro-environmental behaviour change without having to convince people about the impacts, the issues or needing to appeal to their values.

And for anyone who is wondering, what is actually on this menu, I can recommend the Acaraje (a firm lentil ball cut in half and topped with seitan and roasted tomatoes, the Milenesa Vegana ( an interesting legume basked schnitzel with roast potatoes) and the Salmojero (a richer version of Gazpacho (cold tomato soup) with roasted peppers).

Where else have you seen or could you see the choice architecture changed to change behaviours?

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