Research services

You want to maximise the impact of your project by understanding your audience and the opportunities for change

You have a project, product or campaign that you want to be as impactful as possible

You don’t know enough about your target audiences barriers and drivers to embracing your proposition

You want to take a behavioural science approach to your work

The benefits of research

  • Gain new insights and not just working from your own hunches or viewpoints
  • Learn what research and insights already exist 
  • Avoid mistakes and pitfalls others have discovered
  • Understand different audiences better
  • Identify barriers and frictions to change 
  • Identify opportunities for change

Where to begin

Research insights

Get insights from these research projects:

Fife High Rise Food Waste Service Rollout 

Football Liftsharing Travel Research

How we can help

The Sustainable Sidekicks offer research services to support your project. These include:

  • Literature reviews – establishing what research has already been carried out and what insights this can bring to your project 
  • Stakeholder interviews and focus groups – Gaining qualitative insights from your target audience and people who influence or are influenced by your project 
  • User journey review – Looking at the steps in your audience’s engagement and highlighting the potential barriers, friction as well as opportunities for change.   
  • Recommendations – Based on the research conducted the team will make suggestions for how to progress your project to overcome barriers to change and what aspects to test and monitor.  
  • Communications recommendations – A communications plan based on behavioural science, and the principles relevant to your audience and campaign.

“The team has been excellent to work with, from quickly understanding the complexities of grassroots sport, to planning and delivering their research within the required timeframes, coupled with the provision of comprehensive reports that supported the implementation of the ongoing pilot scheme.”

Richard Lindsay,
Business Insights Manager, Birmingham County FA

Who am I?

I’m Livvy, a behaviour change and sustainability consultant on a mission to engage people beyond the green echo chamber and help changemakers, like you, create real impact!

Since studying and researching sustainability behaviour change campaigns it has become clear that often the interventions that motivate environmentalists are very different to other segments of the population. 

This is why I advocate research at the beginning of any project to better understand the barriers and motivators to change.  

I am supported by experienced researchers. 

Kathryn Rathouse has over 20 years of experience:

  • Researching the barriers and motivations to environmental change
  • Developing and evaluating behaviour change initiatives
  • Consulting and advising other projects

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