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Bin talk: What bins say about recycling realities

If you are missing a summer event or festival, then this nostalgic post talks about the rubbish side of events- waste management!Read on to find out, how audiences react to bin set-ups and what it means for waste and recycling outcomes. This is helpful if you run events and want to improve your waste management systems and recycling rates. Black bags and open bins with no separation  ​  All this waste is going to waste-to-energy. Whilst […]


Overcoming sustainable event overwhelm

by Livvy Drake When you think about making an event sustainable, does your mind start to whizz: waste, travel, water, plastic – where do you even begin? What do you prioritise? What sustainable materials do you choose when they cost so much more? This can be pretty overhelming when you also have to get your event live, sell tickets and keep your clients happy. Read on for three tips for reducing sustainable event overwhelm.   Firstly what does ‘being sustainable’ […]


Making behaviour change at events easy, attractive, social and timely

Are you determined to make your events sustainable and for your staff and attendees do the same?​The key to this is understanding how to engage audiences, so here are four principles to consider for your sustainability initiatives, which can also be applied to your COVID safe plans too.  One of the most valuable insights from behavioural psychology is that that much of human behaviour is NOT governed by the rational part of our brain, and […]