Are you keen to get your team members to take sustainability actions in their job roles?

In March 2024, Livvy joined the Hillary’s Green Week for a Friday Lunch and Learn that was named ‘Making Sustainability Easy’.

In the session, people were asked to pick an action they could take within their job role to explore the barriers and motivators to change considering the:

Cognitive, social and infrastructural influences

After each principle, people put their ideas on the Mural whiteboard to consider:

If and how this barrier impacted them e.g. Did habits lead them to leave equipment on

What the organisation could do to remove this barrier?

What they could do to take action?

Some of the many suggestions included:

A Manager committing to using their influence to keep sustainability a priority for staff

A team member sharing their veggie meals

Using reminders and prompts when working from home

Competitions between departments

Infographics of year-on-year improvements

Where can you involve your team in understanding their barriers and motivators to sustainable action in your workplace?

Would a lunch and learn or focused team workshop help you and your organisation understand the barriers and motivators to sustainable action in your workplace?