Behaviour Changemakers Mentoring Mastermind Programme

Make your campaigns more impactful with a Sustainable Sidekick by your side!

Is the Changemakers Programme right for you?

The Sustainable Sidekicks mentoring programme is designed for people working in environmental sustainability roles who want to adopt a behavioral science approach to their work and have more impact with their projects.

How does it support changemakers?

Who this is for?

People with sustainability or environmental projects that they would like to have greater impact on.

People who can make time to adopt new ways of thinking or working

People who have undertaken some level of behaviour change course so you have a baseline understanding. (If not then please watch these videos in advance)- early bird sign-ups can get this for free saving £59

Who is this not for?

  • People who are very busy and don’t have capacity to attend live sessions or make any changes to their work approach  
  • People who don’t have a live project(s) that they can apply principles to 
  • People who are looking for a behaviour change course

What do you get for your investment?

Monthly live interactive sessions

Resource library of content and tools to apply to your campaigns whatever stage you are at

Monthly audio snapshots: easy to digest case studies and insights on behaviour change that are relevant to your work

One-to-one mentoring call and email support (worth £59)

Opportunities to connect and communicate with fellow changemakers and get instant feedback on campaign ideas and content.

Expert guides on:

  • Creating and delivering behaviour change workshops
  • Including behaviour change in your communications
  • Confidently create campaigns that deliver real change, with a sustainable sidekick and mastermind group by your side!

What this is not?

  • A behaviour change course. You can access online behaviour change theory training for changemakers here

What is required of mentees:

  • A project(s) to apply the behaviour change principles to
  • 1.5 hours a month to join a live call or to watch the replay
  • 1-2 hours (per principle) to apply the principles to your live project
  • 10-15 mins to listen to an audio snapshot
  • 10-15 mins a week for the weekly digest of content and to answer any questions and queries from other participants

Do you fit the bill? Want to give it a 3-month trial?

The new cohort will commence in mid-April, after the easter holidays.
Early bird sign-ups will get free access to the background behaviour change training which covers: 

  • Behaviour change theory for environmental changemakers
  • How to understand your audience
  • How to develop an initiative 

Livvy’s changemakers mentoring programme helped me gain a better understanding about the science and practicalities of behaviour change for sustainability. What has been most helpful for me is understanding about the different types of audience, the barriers to behaviour change and the importance of a clear and engaging campaign. If you work in sustainability and want to be effective with behaviour changemaking, I can highly recommend enrolling in Livvy’s programme.

Jelly Moring
Sustainability consultant


I regularly offer changemakers, like you, 1-1 mentoring to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. (1-1 power hour sessions are £109 and mentoring packages range from £800- £650 a day).

Join with a 3-month discounted rate or pay monthly

Pay in full:


Large and corporate companies
3-month price
*Every corporate sign-up will provide a scholarship place.


Public sector and grant funded orgs
3-month price


3-month price

Pay monthly:

£149 per month

Large and corporate companies
Monthly price
*Every corporate sign-up will provide a scholarship place.

£99 per month

Public sector & grant funded orgs
Monthly price

£69 per month

Monthly price

If you’re ready to:

This programme is for you! It will support and develop your work to have the biggest impact possible by using tried and tested behavioural science principles.

Doors open for the next Cohort in Mid-Sept.

Numbers limited to 15
To be first in the queue and benefit from an early-bird bonus
Book a 20-minute discovery call

“Livvy’s Changemaker Mentoring Group is an extremely positive experience. She tailors the monthly content to members’ interests, and uses a variety of methods to deliver engaging content. I have particularly appreciated the sound bytes and the live workshopping at each month’s mentoring session.”

Susanne Bearblock, MSc
Environmental Sustainability

& Carbon Literacy Training

Your Sustainable Sidekick: Livvy Drake

As well as studying behavioural science I have also delivered a range of behaviour change campaigns with events, organisations on sustainability issues including waste, recycling single-use plastics and travel.

I regularly facilitate workshops for organisations who are looking to drive change with their stakeholders from councils to construction companies.