Good reads, listens and apps for campaigners and communicators

Following a request from a workshop participant, I wanted to share some good reads, listens and apps for the Christmas break and new year’s resolutions. 




I either try and buy books secondhand or listen on audible but should you need to buy new here they are on Bookshop (rather than Amazon). I have created a recommended list for environmental communicators and campaigners. My top reads for thinking differently and hope would be:

My top reads for thinking differently and hope would be:
📖 Climate by Charles Eisenstein,
📖 Don’t even think about it by George Marshall 
📖 Active Hope by Joanna Macy 


and for campaigns:
📖 How to win campaigns by Chris Rose







These are all available on Podcast Addict 
🎧 Choice Hacking – for short blasts of behaviour change principles 
🎧 Climate Curious – a TedTalk production for people at the beginning of their journey
🎧 The Hot Take –  US no holes barred sweary analysis of the way climate is communicated with a feminist race-forward lens 
🎧 The Green Element Podcast – Sustainable Business Podcast interviewing green entrepreneurs doing their thing

App and Behaviour Change Technologies 

 📱 Refill App – find places to refill your water bottle, coffee cup and where to go zero waste shopping.


📱 Your free personal guide to understand, track and lighten your footprint on the planet. This will be launching their ‘cut a tonne in 2021’ campaign in the new year as part of the UN Race to zero. 

If you have books, apps and content to recommend, then join us in the Green Champions, Communicators and campaigners group…






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