Every Day’s a School Day- Learning on the Job

Embarking on a sustainability journey can be a steep learning curve in industry lingo, concepts and processes that may be unfamiliar to you. Plus there can be some uncomfortable lessons in navigating greenwash. 
​This is exactly why we set up the Sustainable Sidekicks online learning platform to make adopting environmental business processes and practices accessible and easy. 


When we conducted research on how people wanted to learn, they asked for short lessons, real-world examples and handouts. So this is how we are designing our online courses with a variety of learning materials from online videos and interviews as well as downloads. 


People also asked for a practical qualification over a certificate so we are pleased to confirm that we have been accredited as an Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs  (IOEE) Academy. This means we can award Continuous Professional Development points to those who complete courses, as well as certificates. 




CPD UK explains that “CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and it is important as it’s used by professionals to further their career. It’s a proactive and conscious form of learning which uses various methods to help individuals either learn new skills or develop existing ones”. You can read more here. 

This means points earned with us and the IOEE can be used for your own professional development or in the future should you look to retrain. Furthermore, learners on our programme receive 12 months studying membership to the IOEE (this has a value of £25 but is included in all registrations), so they can then access the online IOEE campus containing materials, resources and online learning. 

This is all on top of equipping people with the practical skills and relevant knowledge to become agents for change in their workplace. If you are ready to start learning check out our online course platform and the first of our courses ‘Tackling Single-use Plastics in the Workplace’ 

“The need for businesses to be sustainable has never been greater and we are extremely proud to be working closely with IOEE Academy Sustainable Sidekicks to provide accreditation for this innovative and informative programme.” 
Sarah Trouten, Chief Executive of the IOE


10% of all online courses go to grassroots charities.

20% of all consultancy and bespoke workshops go for rewilding.

50 free places are awarded to campaigners from underrepresented communities each year.